Due to our expansion Toyota of Bellevue will be coordinating all detail services.
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Services Offered

Platinum Plus with Paint Restoration

"Platinum Detail Plus"
3 step paint reconditioning process
Remove minorscratches

Platinum Detail

"Premium Detail Plus"
Clay bar paint
Cut and level paint
Polish and glaze paint
Rain repellant from windows treatment
Apply fabric or creme protectant

Premium Detail

Hand Wash & Dry Exterior
Perform Orbital Wax
Shampoo Carpets & Mats
Clean Interior Plastic
Clean Windows Inside & Outside
Clean & vacuum trunk
Steam clean dor jambs & wheel wells

Interior Detail

Shampoo Carpets & Mats
Clean interior Plastics
Clean Seats & Vacuum trunk
Clean Windows Inside

Exterior Detail

Hand Wash & Dry exterior
Polish and Apply Wax
Clean Tire Rims & Dress Tires
Clean Outside Windows

Mini Detail

Clean and dress wheels
Gentle hand wash exterior
Clean door jambs
Vacuum interior carpet and upholstery
Clean all plastic surfaces
Clean interior and exterior windows

Engine Clean

Degreasing engine bay
Hot water pressure wash
Clean hood jambs
*For vehicles under 100k miles

Headlight Restoration

Restores head light clarity through 4 step restoration process

Deodorize Interior

Removes odors through ozone process

A La Carte Services

Rain repellant window treatment

Engine compartment steam

Rock chip repair

Odor removal

Overspray removal by quote

Shampoo by quote

Dog hair removal by quote

Price may vary for conditions & size

Gift Certificates Available

Dog Hair Removal Extra on All Packages

Pricing Set for Cars.

Trucks Van's & SUV's Additional Charge